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How to measure Customer Success Performance Index™

GenreCustomer Experience
Duration8 mins
FeaturingAndreas Knoefel


The Customer Success Performance Index™ lets you measure your company’s performance across eight dimensions of customer success. This helps you acquire a 360° view of your teams, strategies, approaches, tools, & relationships that the industry-leading organizations have in place.

It compared companies by industry, size, age, and performance. The benchmark report provides a snapshot of all possible trends across the field. The survey conducted has marked the participation of 100 companies & the benchmarks report sent to the participants will detail how their company has stacked up & also uncover many insights to help them make informed decisions for the coming year.

Recognize what worked best

The customer success performance index has a significant correlation with the preservation and expansion of the recurring revenue stream. The benchmark report makes it easy for the companies to uncover what worked & what didn’t in a glimpse. It would tell you whether the new approach in customer success worked or how well the customer loyalty program is doing.

Know what your competitors do differently

It’s inevitable to understand who your competitors are. It’s even more crucial to learn what they’re doing differently than you. The benchmark report answers your question, ‘What makes someone choose your competitor over you?’ in a measurable way. No more guesses & hunches.

Avoid negative practices

The customer success performance index lets you identify & pull out the corrupt practices in your business. Even a well-thought-out strategy can backfire & it’s quintessential to ensure twice. The benchmark report points out the methods that can harm your business in the long run & lets you exhibit positive productivity throughout.

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