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Customer Engagement During Times of Crisis

Genre Customer Experience
Duration17 mins
FeaturingMaranda Ann Dziekonski


A tailored customer experience is now the new hot seller. 66% of customers now expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations. If customer needs were challenging enough in open spaces, their expectations have now become even more difficult to decode in a world that has slipped into isolation. In difficult times such as these, customer success lies in delivering personalized, real-time experiences.

Customer Engagement: A Game-Changer

While customers are coping with the shift from an offline to an online mode, businesses should try and step in to blur the boundaries. Now, more than ever, customers need vital information, support, and guidance in their digital-led experiences to make the most out of the solutions you deliver. It’s time to redesign your delivery model & reinvent your customer engagement strategies.

Empathy is Key

Customer interaction in this ‘new normal’ requires an upgrade of your tone, message, and platform. Understand your customers on a professional as well as a personal level. Furthermore, it’s crucial to maintain a proper balance between support and marketing. Your focus should be to care for your customers and build relationships that will last long after the crisis.

Act Where There is a Low-Response

Don’t let the non-responsive customers get the better of you. Reach out to them to understand their goals, and take the right actions to get them out of the limbo state. Initiate and build actionable conversations, proactively. Regular QBRs will help you gain better insights on how to add value to your customer’s experience. Customer engagement is vital to keep the churn rate at bay.

Revamp Your Team Structure

The success of even the most sophisticated customer engagement model depends on your team. Grow your team with adequate training to handle the challenging requirements that the present scenario poses. With the right team, shape your customer engagement activities, hassle-free. Remember, the way you deal with customers during a crisis is likely to get imprinted in their minds. And, compromising on the quality of your services, or unequipped mediators on behalf of your brand will impact customer preferences & loyalty.



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