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Draw valuable conclusions & identify blind-spots from the data

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Do You Need An NPS Tool

Today business is all about winning the hearts of the customers. Brand image and client advocacy matters like never before. A single negative tweet, review, or post is all that it takes to knock off a great brand from its ruling pedestal. Thus it is imperative that a brand stays in the best books of customers and continually strive to align with their growing needs and changing trends.

To measure how happy, satisfied, and loyal your customers are with the product/service, there are various customer health tools available like CSAT, CES, and the most popular one- NPS. The NPS is a customer loyalty barometer that businesses employ to calibrate how customers feel about the product and services they offer. It includes the fundamental question of how likely the customer would recommend the brand to a friend or family, followed by a question or two to get a detailed idea.

Those who love the brand may give a 9 or perfect 10; the unimpressed folks may give a seven while the thoroughly dissatisfied customers give a much lower score. Based on this score, the NPS system divides your customers as:

  • Promoters: 9 or 10; They are loyal customers.
  • Passives: 7 or 8; They neither like nor dislike your brand.
  • Detractors: 6 or below; They are mighty displeased folks who are bad news.















A business with high NPS score indicates that they have a customer pool that mainly consists of promoters. A loyal customer pool opens door to more revenue, better brand image, more potential customers, to name a few! Thus any business requires customer health tools to improve their product and services, and owning an NPS Tool will make this process a simple walk in the park!

How Do NPS Tools Help Your Business

Implementing an NPS system in place for your business showers a plethora of advantages. A great NPS tool is what it takes to make this process efficient and simple. An NPS Tool helps you:

Identify Gaps in Customer Experience

An NPS survey mainly consists of the question that throws on how likely a customer recommends the brand to another person. This is usually followed by more specific questions to understand the fundamental reasons behind the score given by the customer. This helps an organization to understand the gap between what they provide and what their customers expect. An NPS tool helps you build engaging, pertinent surveys easily to collect user feedback and analyze it to draw such crucial insights.

Manage Customer Relationships Easily

NPS system involves segmenting your audience into promoters, passives, and detractors. Although it is necessary to give much attention to detractors, it is equally essential to spend considerable efforts on passives and especially promoters for they help to bring in new customers. With an NPS tool, you easily keep track of your customers and manage relationships with them efficiently.

Ascertain Business Health & Growth

An NPS tool helps to analyze the health of a business, and the direction in which it’s growth is proceeding. When you have more promoters, you can safely say that they’ll stay true to your product, advocate it proudly, and bring in steady revenue & customers. Thus you can get an idea of recurring business with NPS tools.

Get 360-Degree Big Picture

Customer health tools like CSAT and CES focus on the consumer’s recent interaction with a product or service. NPS, on the other hand, dwells on customer experience throughout the journey they have with an organization. Thus NPS tool helps to capture an end-to-end view about customer feedback and what they feel about a company as a whole- be it the product, support, or service.

Benchmark Against Competition

NPS is popular worldwide and is adopted by umpteen number of companies. This makes it simple to set up a benchmark and assess where an organization stands compared to its competitors. Thus an NPS tool helps to find out where your company stands and do the needful to improve consistently.

Choosing The Right NPS Tool

There is no dearth of NPS tools in the market, but choosing the right one needn’t be a cakewalk. However, to make it simpler, we have listed some must-have features which any NPS tool should offer.

Interactive surveys help to engage audience better thereby spiking the completion rates.
Surveys that are conversational in nature spiking completion rates
Build Interactive Surveys

Online Surveys are the best bet to collect pertinent feedback from your audience efficiently. Thus opt for an NPS tool that helps you build engaging surveys easily. What you ask, and the way you ask is significant to get the right answers. With diverse question types to pick from and smart logic to ask the right questions, you can rest assured as the NPS tool does its charm! Keep in mind that the NPS tool you offer must have a great UI that fetches you high survey completion rates.

Make use of the NPS Tool's multiple share options to distribute your NPS surveys.
Share NPS surveys across different channels
Share Surveys Easily

There’s a natural aversion people have towards taking surveys. Thus the disappointing numbers for the response rates come as no surprise. With a great NPS tool, you can build engaging and visually inviting surveys to capture the attention of your audience. Another way to ensure high response rates is to share surveys via multiple platforms. Be it email survey, SMS share, web links, or social media, ensure that your customers can reach out to you through any channel they wish!

Send pulse surveys automatically using the NPS tool's recurring feature.
Automatically send out periodic surveys
Automated Pulse Surveys

NPS isn’t a one-time process. It has to be continuously and meticulously implemented. However, manually doing tasks that can be automated doesn’t make any sense. For instance, why waste time sending out the same surveys again and again when the NPS tool can do it for you? Opt for a tool that helps you send automated pulse surveys to your customers. Once you configure when and how frequently the surveys must be sent, the NPS tool can take it from there.

Gather crucial insights using the robust reporting system of the NPS tool.
Advanced reporting system for gaining rich insights
Rich Dashboard

The primary purpose of net promoter score system is to analyze customer experience and the sentiment they have towards your brand. When you send out surveys, you must be able to collect valuable insights from the data collected. Otherwise, the whole process turns out to be futile. The NPS tool must come with a robust reporting system that can help you get a detailed view. In this manner, you can take the appropriate actions needed based on the insights gathered.

Integrate NPS tool with other third-party tools.
Third Party Integrations to create seamless workflow
Integration With Other Tools

A business requires multiple applications belonging to different domains to function smoothly. It is therefore crucial that the NPS tool you choose must be capable of integrating with other third-party applications and operate effortlessly. For example, you can group your audience based on the score they give you, and the customer-facing teams can take it from there to engage with them better and improve the experience they have with your brand.

How Can SurveySparrow’s NPS Tool Help Your Business

Now that you are here spend a moment to read and find why SurveySparrow’s NPS tool is the best net promoter score software you can bag any day.

Conversational Interface

SurveySparrow’s NPS tool comes with not just one but two UI. You can choose from chat-like surveys or conversational forms. SurveySparrow is the world’s first online survey software that comes with dual UI. Go conversational and be pleasantly surprised to see the increased completion rates.

Recurring Surveys

SurveySparrow’s recurring survey feature helps you to send out automated pulse surveys periodically. Thus you can hand over all the mundane tasks to the NPS tool. Just configure the survey settings, and we'll take it from there!

Reporting System

SurveySparrow’s NPS tool comes with a rich dashboard that offers detailed reports and insights on the survey data collected. You can gather an in-depth understanding of the data using graphs, pie-charts, histograms, etc., while question-level analysis helps you slice and dice data at a granular level.

Round-the-clock Support

Our team is every-ready to help you out with any queries and clear any roadblocks you encounter. So reach out anywhere, anytime for anything you need!

Integration Options

SurveySparrow’s NPS Tool comes powered with Zapier Integration and webhooks feature to help you connect with other applications and create an automated, seamless workflow.

Free Survey Templates

SurveySparrow has a rich collection of popular templates for diverse use-cases like market research, customer satisfaction, event feedback, employee engagement and so on. Choose your survey template, right away!

Setting up a sound NPS system is a simple task with the best NPS tool by your side. Improve customer retention, reduce customer churn, enhance the brand image and boost the growth of your business.

Happy surveying!

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