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Construct conversational surveys that gets you precise feedback.

Build highly engaging, conversational surveys

Opt for diverse channels to share your surveys.

Utilize all available platforms to distribute your surveys

Gather in-depth understanding and insights from survey data.

Get valuable insights from the results & gain new perspectives

Implement well-developed strategies based on insights gathered.

Neatly plan a course of action based on the insights inferred

Do You Need a Net Promoter Score Software

The basic Net Promoter Score question consists of the likelihood of recommending a brand to a friend or colleague. Created by Fred Reichheld and Bain and Company, Net Promoter Score is a powerful survey question that precisely extract overall customer sentiment. Net Promoter Score, in the most basic sense, is calculated on a simple zero-to-ten scale. One can categorize the customers based on the score given by them as:

  • 0-6: Detractor
  • 7 & 8: Passive
  • 9 & 10: Promoter
  • 0














    The net promoter score throws light on crucial insights which helps them understand how to improve products, the support provided, customer experience involved and more! Thus it comes as no surprise that having a Net Promoter Score Software is a wise investment for any business, big or small.

Why is Net Promoter Score Software Crucial For Business

NPS has received popularity worldwide and has become an integral part of businesses which give paramount importance to customers and their experience with the brand. Owning a net promoter score software helps to set-up and execute a flawless NPS system which offers many advantages to a business.

Simple to Measure

Net promoter score software helps an organization easily measure the customer feedback with straightforward NPS surveys. With a simple question or two and no complex matrics involved, net promoter score surveys help organizations get an idea of why their customers like/dislike their brand. Thus, NPS is one of the most straightforward metrics which gives multifold insights about a brand.

Instant Data Capture

A net promoter score software helps get real-time customer data swiftly and hassle-free. With a host of channels to share surveys, customers can take the survey at any time according to their convenience.

Know Customers Better

The net promoter score software can easily slice and dice the data collected to formulate trends, patterns, and insights useful for the organization. This helps to discover the nature of customers an organization has- promoters, passives, or detractors. The organization can then make better plans and take appropriate measures to ensure their customer pool consists predominantly of promoters.

Improve Customer Experience

With a net promoter score software, an organization can know more about what makes their brand tick and what must be improved. This helps an organization provide a flawless customer experience program. When customers are happy and satisfied, the churn rates reduce drastically.

Features of Net Promoter Score Software

When there are plenty of tools available, how do you zero in on one which is best for you? Before you invest your time, let us give you some pointers to look for in the best net promoter score software.

Ensure your surveys aren't long, containing irrelevant questions.
Keep your surveys crisp and to-the-point
Easily Create Pulse Surveys

Online Surveys are known for being mundane and boring. One of the fundamental features which any net promoter score software must provide is the ability to draft interactive surveys quickly. The software is a dead investment if you must spend hours rummaging through the help articles to get around it. Thus a good NPS software must help you get started with your surveys with just a few clicks and ticks. Keep the pulse surveys short and crisp with consistent follow-up.

Share your NPS surveys via various channels.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Support Multiple Share Options

When you provide utmost flexibility to your audience, you can expect quality responses coupled with high completion rates in return. So one simple way of achieving this is by opting for a net promoter score software that offers multiple sharing channels to distribute your net promoter score surveys. In this manner, your customers can take the net promoter score surveys anywhere they want, anytime they wish.

Robust reporting module that gives detailed analysis and insights.
Advanced reporting system for gaining rich insights
Robust Reporting Module

The net promoter score software you opt for must have a robust reporting module which can furnish detailed reports that uncover crucial data and help gain new perspectives. The tool must help identify trends, detect patterns, and simplify the decision-making process for an organization and plan new strategies. Pie-charts, histograms, bar graphs, and the likes, the net promoter score software must leave no stone unturned in ensuring you get an end-to-end view.

Segment your audience into various groups for easy sorting and managing.
Segment your audience into various groups
Segment Your Customers Easily

Net promoter score helps an organization measure customer loyalty and brand advocacy. The net promoter score software you opt for must be able to segment your customers as based on how they score or rate the brand. Categorizing the audience makes it easy to follow-up with passives and detractors, engage with them better, and ensure that they become promoters at the end of the journey. Having promoters as your customers helps the brand soar new heights.

Automatically schedule periodic follow-up emails and feedback surveys to engage with customers.
Automatically send out follow-up surveys
Follow-Up, Engage, Convert

Net promoter system isn’t a one-time process. It has to be implemented continually and meticulously as the benefits one can reap using NPS is many. Thus regular follow-ups with your customers, be it a promoter, passive, or detractor is quintessential. Opt for net promoter score software which helps you send automated recurring survey features to engage with your customers better, retain them, and reduce the customer churn. Why waste time when the net promoter score software can do the task for you!

How Can SurveySparrow’s Net Promoter Score Software Help You

Having not just a good but a great net promoter score software is essential. Take a minute to find out that you have reached the right place in the pursuit for net promoter score software.

Conversational Interface

When you start interrogating your customers for feedback, there are remote chances you would taste success with your surveys. SurveySparrow’s net promoter score software is the best when it comes to creating conversational surveys. With a dual UI that supports chat-like surveys and conversational forms, witness high response rates for your NPS surveys.

Recurring Surveys

It’s not wise spending time on sending out the same survey again and again when it’s clearly a process that can be automated. Thus SurveySparrow’s net promoter score software brings to you the recurring survey feature which sends out pulse surveys periodically. Just set the survey settings once, the rest is taken care of!

Rich Dashboard

SurveySparrow’s net promoter score software comes with a rich dashboard proficient in furnishing out reports loaded with polished information. Gather inestimable insights from the results and take a well-planned course of action. In addition, this would come handy when you conduct market research surveys or academic studies.

Survey Share Options

Email surveys, multiple unique web links, social media, SMS, you name it, SurveySparrow’s net promoter score software offers it. Send out your Net promoter score surveys to your customers via multiple channels to gain the best responses and data.

The ultimate objective of an NPS system is to turn customers who were less than happy or unimpressed into brand advocates who will put a positive word out and brings the brand increased revenues, profits, growth. Thus settle for nothing but the best net promoter score software to implement an impeccable NPS system.

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