Market Research Tools help you know your target market inside-out with efficiently.

Market Research Tools

Explore your target market along the length & breadth with our Market Research Tool.

Market Research Lifecycle

Create interactive online surveys that get you pertinent feedback in no time.

Craft engaging surveys and collect pertinent data with utmost ease

Share your surveys via different channels to spike the completion rates.

Utilize multiple platforms to maximize the reach & visibility of your surveys

Analyze the survey data to uncover crucial information about your business.

Extract valuable conclusions & gain new perspectives from survey data

Execute actionable measures and strategies based on survey responses.

Plan & execute a neat course of action for improving your business

What are Market Research Tools?

Market research has rooted in a firm spot in business strategies around the globe. This is due to the enormous merits market research offers to business.

Powered with the data and insights one receives with the help of market research, it is possible to achieve multifold purposes.

  • Evaluate: Identify where your brand stands compared to your peers in the market.
  • Discover: Catalog the areas which require improvement, facets that need critical attention, and the best features of your brand.
  • Transform: Alter the very fundamentals of the decision-making process for your business and outline what you must start & stop doing.
  • Set Benchmark: Make your brand stand out from the others and establish a strong foothold in the market and your customer’s minds.

Market Research Tools simplify all the above tasks and makes your market research both efficient and easy. Above all, it is significant to do a bit of research with your product before presenting it to your customers. Market research tools knock the ball out of the park to help you with flawless market research.

Why are Market Research Tools important for business?

The million dollar question is always what market research & market research tools can do for your business. With market research tools, you gain collect pertinent data that throws light on various aspects of your business.

Customer Recruitment & Retention

Knowing your customers inside out is the best way to drive your product towards the top. Market research tools help you get answers to multiple prying questions like:

  • Why do customers opt your brand over others
  • What’s the key driving factor that attracts them
  • What are the factors that influence buying behavior
  • How did they come across your brand

In addition, you can also know how to recruit potential customers by identifying different demographic parameters of audience. These include age, gender, employment, and so on. If you want a successful business, you cannot ignore customer satisfaction surveys and customer experience.

Customer Behavior Patterns

Evaluate and uncover customer needs and requirements by using market research tools. Build and scale a product that fits customer wants like a perfect puzzle. Find out the preferences & purchase patterns of your target customers and tweak your product to make them switch to your brand without thinking twice.

Assess Competition

Market research tools help you draw out crucial information about your competitors. As a result, you can size up your competition before taking the plunge and in addition, find out what your customers like and dislike. You can discover the impact of competitor’s strategies on customers and their reaction to those, thereby learning from their mistakes and avoiding follies!

Catalog Business Opportunities

Business expansion is the most visible metric that showcases an organization’s growth and success. Market research tools help you understand various unexplored territories that are brimming with untapped potential. You can stretch the roots of your business into under-serviced markets and launch your product at full swing with market-research-backed-up-data. This supersedes throwing dice and setting up your business units at random, any day!

Unlock Business Challenges

Market research tools bring out insights that play an instrumental role in solving business challenges. Put these insights into good use and take the appropriate remedial measures to grow your business. In this manner, with solution rich-data in hand, you wouldn’t be caught unprepared for a hurdle that comes your way.

Curate Business Strategies & Solution

The information you collect through market research tools aid you to set realistic goals and achievable targets to boost your business. A market research tool filters out refined information that'll come handy to make game-changing decisions. In addition, you can develop new strategies that will take the market by a storm by listening to the voice of customers.

Therefore, employing market research tools to do your market research:

  • Bridges the gap between what your brand provides and what the customer wants
  • Take better decisions to drive business growth and minimize risks
  • Calibrate business success with improved metrics like research data studies and conclusions

What makes a great Market Research Tool?

There are plenty of market research tools available in the market, however, picking out the best out of them can be a tricky business. Here are some pointers which will help you round in on the best market research tool.

Get increased completion rates with interactive surveys and engage with your audience better.
An appealing UI to engage the audience better
Create Engaging Feedback Surveys

The means to communicate with your audience are plenty like interviews, telephonic sessions, focus groups, and the likes. However, online surveys surpass them all with instant, real-time data collection. A great market research tool helps you build interactive surveys that help you collect customer feedback from your target audience. Engaging surveys can fetch you not only better answers but high completion rates as well! Go conversational!

Identify your target audience and collect data using market research tool's online panel.
Target the right audience for market research
Target the Right Audience

A product, no matter how great it is, can sink deeply in a market where there's no need for one. Therefore, it is crucial to place your product in the right market, to the right audience. Market research tools that provide an online panel audience can tremendously help you in simplifying this task. All that you need to do is identify who requires your product, employ the market research tool to assemble pre-screened, profiled audience, and collect data from them.

Make use of multiple survey share options of the market research tool to maximize reach of surveys.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Share Across Multiple Platforms

Once you know your target audience, you must ensure your market research surveys reaches them effortlessly. This can be smoothly done by employing market research tools that support multiple survey share options like email surveys, web links, embed surveys, SMS and so on. If you wish to collect feedback offline, you can make use of market research tools that offer offline survey app; collect customer feedback even in the absence of the internet.

Gather crucial insights from survey data and gain new perspectives using market research tool.
Advanced reporting system for gaining rich insights
Gather Relevant Insights

Once you collect responses from your audience, then comes the most actionable process- uncovering relevant insights from the data collected. Turn the raw data into refined information by using market research tools that have a robust reporting module. In this manner, you can get an end-to-end view and tap game-changing conclusions. Consequently, devise strategies and better your decision-making process to steer your business in the direction towards success.

Market Research Survey Template

Are you unsure about the questions that must go into your market research survey? Allow us to help you out with a market research survey template. With thoroughly researched and thoughtfully prepared questions, get started in a minute! You can tweak the questions to suit your requirements.



How can SurveySparrow’s Market Research Tool help you?

Now that you have come so far, take a minute to find out why SurveySparrow is the best market research tool you can lay your hands on.

Dual-UI Platform

SurveySparrow’s market research software supports not just one but two interfaces:

With a host of diverse question types, you can pose open-ended questions to collect pertinent feedback from your audience. With features like question piping, contact & custom params, render a truly personalized experience to your users. Be surprised to see the whopping survey completion rates you receive. Online surveys are no longer boring with SurveySparrow!

Online Panel Audience

SurveySparrow’s market research tool comes with pre-screened panel audience from across 80 countries. With access to diverse people, of different demographics, from around the globe, you can shed the worry of finding the right audience for data collection.

Rich Dashboard

The purpose of conducting market research is to get valuable information about a business. Market research tools, such as SurveySparrow, that comes with a robust reporting system can help you turn raw data into polished information. Sit back and relax while the market research tool does all the work for you!

Share Options

SurveySparrow’s market research tool supports multiple survey share options to ensure that your surveys receive maximum reach and visibility. The various options you can opt are:

  • Email surveys
  • Web links
  • SMS share
  • Embedded surveys
  • Social Media
Light on the Pocket

With SurveySparrow, you needn’t worry about lightening your wallet in the process of purchasing a market research tool. With affordable pricing to suit any businesses, get the best features to kick-start your market research in no time!

Round-the-clock Support

While using any tool, it is essential to get a timely response from their support team when you hit a roadblock. Thus customer support is something you simply can’t compromise on. SurveySparrow’s support team ever ready and always available, should you need any assistance- big or small.

If you are launching a new product or improving an existing one, you must know if you are at the right place, selling it to the right people, and packaging winning features which are required. Market research helps you with all the above efficiently. Thus it is essential to have a market research tool in hand which takes work off your plate and stands by your side throughout!

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