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Pave way for actionable data & relevant feedback using webforms chiseled with the best Form Creator.

Draft engaging survey forms with form creator.

Craft stunning web forms with the best form creator

Distribute your web forms across different platforms.

Share your web forms across multiple channels for better reach

Gather rich insights from survey data using the form creator.

Get valuable data & gain rich insights with the form creator

Deploy actionable measures using the insights drawn from the survey data.

Take actionable measures from insights gathered

What is a Form Creator


A form creator is a tool which helps you create online web forms that are media-rich, error-free, and which collects pertinent data easily. Web forms have replaced paper forms which were traditionally used for various data collection purposes with the arrival of online survey software. Data collection has undergone a massive makeover when real-time online data collection replaced the door-to-door, person-to-person collection process. Not only is data collection more streamlined, but also quick and much more efficient. Form Creators are a big boon when it comes to drafting web forms which find multiple uses like:

  • In-app feedback: Embedding forms in your product helps to collect input from users. You can use this data to improve the product and its features.
  • Website feedback: When visitors browse through your website, you can employ web forms to find out the user experience and what needs to be improved on your site.
  • Landing pages: web forms play an instrumental role in collecting lead info from visitors who land on your website pages.

5 Benefits of Form Creator You Must Know

Bagging a great form creator comes with perks that make it an excellent investment for any business. Find out the different ways in which form creators help a business.

Model Stunning Web Forms

A form creator helps you build beautiful web forms that can make website visitors pause their scrolling and input some data to it. Using these web forms, one can create simple contact forms to complex survey forms to collect website feedback, user data, and lead info.

Smart Survey Forms

Asking the right questions to the respondents also help to spike the response rates in addition to a great design. Pose what’s relevant to your audience based on their previous responses using the form creator’s smart logic features.

Brand Marketing

A form creator helps you create forms that match the personality of your brand. The best form creators have tremendous design flexibility which allows you to add the logo of your brand, change the font, color combination, and the likes. Let your web forms breathe the brand persona.

Efficient Data Capture

With traditional methods like paper surveys and postal questionnaires, a lot of time and efforts must be invested to get reasonable results. In contrast, creating web forms with a form creator and capturing data is effortless. The information is captured real-time by the form creator and analyzed with a robust reporting module. Slice & dice data and gather new insights.

Spike Completion Rates

Paper surveys and postal questionnaires spell out ‘boring’ in bold. However, with a form creator, it is possible for you to create web forms that are not only elegant but engaging as well. This helps you spike up response rates for survey forms and lead capture for lead generation forms.


Features a Top-Notch Form Creator

Are you searching for a form creator to build engaging web forms? Here are some features which you must look out in any form creator.

Draft interactive web forms for gathering valuable data.
Engaging web forms that collects pertinent data
Create Engaging Forms

The form creator you opt for must help to design and create web forms that captivate the attention of users. Data collection is not a simple walk in the park. Therefore, having web forms that are engaging and elegant is crucial for gathering data. Opt for a form creator that offers the feature of personalizing your web forms which drives your respondents to give candid feedback. Leave no stone unturned to get quality data and actionable feedback.

Send your forms to your audience via different channels
Share your forms across multiple platforms
Share Forms Easily

Another way to spike response rates for your surveys is by sharing it across diverse platforms. You get desired results only when the web forms you create, reaches the target audience through various channels. This gives immense visibility and excellent reach for your survey forms which directly translates into quality responses and higher completion rates. Pick a form creator that offers multiple share options- be it email surveys, embedded forms, social media share, web links, or SMS!

Gather rich insights from the data and gain new perspectives.
Advanced reporting system to gain rich insights
Robust Reporting System

Gathering data isn’t enough; one must be able to extract valuable insights from it. Therefore, make sure that the form creator of your choice comes with a robust reporting module that analyzes the data at a grass-roots level. Get detailed analysis reports and new trends & insights to solve business challenges and identify new opportunities. Above all, a form creator should stand by your side from the start till the finish.

Get started with your forms using custom made survey templates.
Templates with thoroughly researched questions
Free Template Collection

The form creator you pick must come with a collection of the most popular templates, from different domains- like customer satisfaction, employee engagement, post-event feedback, or market research. This will help you get started with your surveys almost instantly. You can use the templates as such or tweak it to suit your requirements. Why waste time and resources finding out the right questions when you have templates with thoroughly-researched questions with you!


SurveySparrow as You Form Creator Tool

Wish to find out how SurveySparrow’s form creator software can bring you stellar results? With top-notch features, spice up your data collection routine with SurveySparrow!

Design Personalized Forms

SurveySparrow’s form creator software allows to create web forms that boast of a sleek design. With features like question piping, contact parameters, and custom parameters, render a personalized experience to each user who takes the survey forms. Using Survey themes, the sky’s the limit to how you can design surveys; let your imagination take over, and craft surveys precisely like you had envisioned them.

Recurring Surveys

The recurring feature offered by SurveySparrow’s form creator helps to share out periodic surveys automatically. Once you configure the survey settings by choosing the time, date, and day of sending out the surveys, the form creator tool takes it from there.

Embedded Forms

SurveySparrow’s form creator offers the embed option which helps to integrate forms in your websites. As a result, when a user scrolls through your site, they can quickly leave a feedback or contact info. SurveySparrow’s form creator gives you not one, but three options for embedding forms. They are:

  • Auto-triggered: These forms appear automatically when a user browses through a website.
  • User-invoked: A more subtle approach, the form displays after the user clicks on it.
  • Inline Embed: Helps to place a form on a specific location on your website.
Robust Reporting System

SurveySparrow’s form creator comes with a powerful dashboard that performs a detailed analysis of the data collected. As a result, one can uncover crucial insights and gain new perspectives with reports, graphs, pie-charts, and so on, using the form creator’s smart reporting system.

Templates Collection

SurveySparrow’s form creator platform comes with a rich collection of the most sought-after templates, across diverse domains. Tweak it or use it as it is; browse and take your pick from our templates gallery!


Therefore, having a great form creator goes a long way in helping you not only collect data, but analyze it and promote business growth. Get the best out form creators using SurveySparrow!

Happy Surveying!

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