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Craft visually stunning web forms that captures the attention of your audience.

Design & create highly engaging web forms that fetches accurate data

Share your forms across various channels to get higher response rates.

Share web forms across various platforms for maximum responses

Extract valuable conclusions from the feedback drawn.

Slice and dice the data collected & gain in-depth perspectives

Take actionable measures based on theinsights drawn to improve your business.

Plan out a structured course of action based on survey insights drawn

Do you need a Web Form Builder

In the pre-tech era, collecting feedback and gathering data was no easy task. The methods prevalent during that time like postal surveys, feedback paper forms, contact forms, survey questionnaires, and so on, was not successful in bringing in the data as expected. However, with everything surrounding us being a part of the ‘online’ world, a game-changing movement was witnessed.

Web forms replaced the ordinary paper forms, and real-time online data capture replaced the door-to-door, person-to-person collection process. Initially, a great designer and coder came together to build web forms. However, with the entry of web form builders, you needn’t wait anymore! With a few clicks, ticks and contemplations later, a web form is born.

What a Web Form Builder can do for you

Wondering if you should get a web form builder or just let a developer do the task? Here are some of the things which a web form builder brings to the table that makes it a smart investment.

Model Striking Forms

When a user enters your website, a visually-striking web form can pause the quick scroll and gently urge them to put in some data. A web form builder is proficient in helping you design beautiful web forms that can fetch you high response rates and truckloads of pertinent data.

Craft Smart Forms

It’s not an easy task extracting feedback and data from your users. Thus offer a highly personalized experience and pose only the relevant questions to them while collecting data. Seems like quite a task? Not if you have a great web form builder in hand!

Marketing Your Brand

The web forms you use can be designed to match your brand persona effectively. Most web form builders come with the advantage of abundant design flexibility. You can leverage this to design forms that reflect the brand; starting from color, font, styling, logo and more! This is yet another means of embedding your brand in the minds of your users.

Real-time Data Capture

It is undeniable that traditional methods like postal surveys are excruciatingly time-consuming. The forms must be printed, sent out, filled-up, collected back, and then analyzed. All these hassles can be avoided with a web form builder that gets all the tasks done in a few clicks. All you need to do is, cruise to the reporting module; the data would be awaiting you; analyzed and ready for use. This is particularly useful when you are conducting research works like market research surveys.

Increases Conversion Rates

A web form builder helps you build forms that serve multiple purposes; from collecting feedback to capturing lead information. The lead info collected can be used to follow-up with the user and convert them into customers. Thus embedding web forms is a smart and efficient way of spiking up conversion rates.

What Makes a Great Web Form Builder

There is no shortage of web form builders in the market. However, sifting the great ones from the average ones is a task. To help you and simplify your decision-making process, here are some features you must look out for in the web form builder you choose:

Capture feedback easily with visually stunning and skillfully created web forms.
Smart & Stunning Forms

A web form builder must come with the functionality of creating stunning and smart forms at the same time. Visually appealing surveys helps to capture the attention of your users while smartly crafted forms can extract valuable feedback from them by posing only the relevant questions using the logic branching feature. The combination of the two is the sure-fire way of gathering data in a blink.

Choose from a wide range of question types to collect precise responses.
Diverse Question Types fetches more accurate responses
Varied Question Types

What you ask is equally important as how you ask. Do you think bombarding your audience with irrelevant and unnecessarily long list of questions is going to do any good? Definitely, not. Explore web form builders that offer open-ended, diverse question types like MCQs, opinion scale, matrix type, drag & drop type and such. These provide tremendous flexibility to your audience to give accurate responses.

Embed forms in your website to collect feedback and data in a blink.
Embed forms anywhere on the website
Embedded Forms

Web forms extend a plenitude of roles like capturing user feedback, collecting lead information, engaging with website users and more! The web form builder allows you to embed web forms on your website smoothly. In this manner, leads entering your landing pages can drop by their contact info while website users can provide feedback to improve your site. Improve your website performance based on the user website feedback.

Pick and choose the template which suits your requirements.
Templates with thoroughly researched questions
Template Collection

Grab a web form builder that has a rich collection of survey templates. These are loaded with questions prepared after thorough research and much thoughts. In this manner, you can save the time spent in drafting the questions for your feedback forms. Pick any template from across various domains and give it your spin to tailor-fit your requirements. You can draft your own questions once you get an idea about the type of questions you must ask.

Why SurveySparrow as Your Web Form Builder

SurveySparrow can help you build highly engaging web forms, share it across multiple channels, and analyze the collected data in absolutely no time! That’s not it; there’s more. Spend a minute, and you’ll quickly make up your mind on bagging SurveySparrow’s web form builder.

Conversational Forms

SurveySparrow comes with dual UI: chat-like surveys and conversational forms. With a host of varied question types to choose from, you can craft up charming web forms in no time. This web form builder offers survey themes, using which you can customize the appearance of your form to reflect your brand’s personality. The background image, color combination, font, styling… it’s all in your hands.

Personalized Forms

With SurveySparrow’s web form builder, give a personalized experience to your users. With features like question piping, contact params & custom params, it is possible to provide a tailor-made, exclusive feedback survey experience to each user. SurveySparrow also comes with complex logic branching features like display logic and skip logic that poses only the relevant questions to the audience. Why ask a vegetarian their favorite steak!

Embedded Forms

Embedded forms are an impeccable way of instant data gathering. SurveySparrow’s web form builder offers not just one but three ways of embedding forms in your website. You can customize the triggering options as per your requirement; after a specific time or after the user scrolls a particular portion.

  • Auto-triggered: These trigger automatically when a user enters a website.
  • User-invoked: A subtler approach, the form pops-up after the user has clicked on it.
  • Inline Embed: If you wish to have the web form on a particular portion of your website, inline embed is your best choice!
Sharing Forms

The best web form builder offers various platforms to ensure the web forms you create gets maximum reach. Some of the channels SurveySparrow offers are:

More the number, better is the visibility and the response rates!

Recurring Survey Feature

Do you wish to send out periodic forms to collect pulse survey data? If so, why spend time manually doing it when our web form builder offers the recurring feature. The feedback forms would be sent as per your choice. All you need to do is set the survey settings initially. The rest is taken care of by SurveySparrow!

Data is everything in today’s world. Pertinent data and customer feedback are crucial factors that can drive your business towards success. Thus, grabbing a great web form builder will always find a spot under the ‘best-investment’ list for your organization. With SurveySparrow, be it via online surveys or offline survey app, we leave no stone unturned to ensure you get the best out of your feedback collection routine.

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