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Build intuitive web forms to gather feedback & collect lead info with Free Online Form Builder

Build engaging web forms to gather feedback from your audience.

Create engaging web forms to collect feedback and data effectively

Distribute your web forms across various platforms to ensure maximum reach.

Embed web forms or easily share them across multiple platforms

From the data collected, analyze & discover in-depth conclusions and perspectives.

Slice and dice the data gathered & gain in-depth perspectives

Based on the insights gathered, chart out well-planned measures to improve your product/service.

Plan out a structured course of action based on the insights drawn

Free Online Form Builder: Overview

Scroll through any website, and you would definitely find a web form in it anywhere. Web forms have become part and parcel of any website since it’s the data silo for collecting feedback or contact information. However, with the entry of free online form builders, you needn’t have ridiculously brilliant coding skills to make one; the builder does all the work for you. From creating appealing web forms, sharing it with an audience, embedding it in your website, and analyzing the results, a free online form builder takes all the work off your plate.

Perks offered by a Free Online Form Builder

A free online form builder has a list of benefits that make it a wise investment any day. Have a look at what a form builder brings to the table:

Not a Coding-Ninja?

You needn’t be an expert coder to crack a web form using a free online form builder. The builder can quickly help you create your very first web form in absolutely no time at all. A gentle cruising through the builder interface(to acquaint yourself), a few clicks, and drag & drops later, you would have your first web form up and about.

Market Your Brand

Did you know there’s a way of promoting your brand quite subtly, yet with much impact using web forms! A free online form builder transfers the reins into your hands when it comes to designing the web forms. In this manner, you can make web forms that complement your brand persona.

Lead Capture

Web forms play an instrumental role in collecting website leads. A free online form builder furnishes out simple yet elegant web forms that you can embed in your websites for collecting user data. Grab every prospect that comes your way and convert them into a customer.

Light on the Wallet

A host of features coupled with the fact that a free online form builder doesn’t empty your wallet dry, what more do you need to create your web forms in a jiffy! Keep your purse heavy and efforts light with a free online form builder.

Select Features of Free Online Form Builder

Wondering what are the marked features a great free online form builder must possess? Well, we have rounded in on some must-have features which any free online form builder must have in its pocket. Have a look at what they are:

Free Online Form Builder Feature #1: Intriguing Interface.
An appealing UI to engage the audience better
Intriguing Interface

A free online form builder that boasts of a sleek interface can definitely get some significant number of responses from your audience. Be it collecting feedback or user details, and a free online form builder helps you build interactive forms that instantly catches the attention of your audience. Be pleasantly surprised to see the magic a great interface can produce.

Free Online Form Builder Feature #2:Embedded Forms.
Inline embed forms anywhere on the website
Embedded Forms

A free online form builder must come with the feature of embedding forms on your website. This helps in spiking your lead generation rates and collecting some very relevant user feedback from your website visitors. This will help you improve the various aspects of your site to provide the best user experience. Find out what’s best about your website and what needs improvement.

Free Online Form Builder Feature #3: Detailed Reporting Module.
Advanced reporting system for gaining rich insights
Detailed Reporting Module

A free online form builder must not only be proficient to collect user feedback & details but also act on the data collected to lay out properly analyzed reports. The whole point of raising such valuable data is futile if you are unable to furnish refined information from it. This makes one miss the opportunity of improving their product/service.

Free Online Form Builder Feature #4: Conditional Logic Branching.
Conditional Branching to ask relevant feedback questions
Conditional Logic Branching

Collecting accurate feedback from your audience without much trouble is possible. Ask us how? By asking only relevant questions to your audience and skipping the ones which don’t pertain to them. A free online form builder that offers conditional branching feature can do this task efficiently. When a more personalized experience is given to each user, crisp feedback finds it’s way in.

SurveySparrow as Your Free Online Form Builder

There are endless online form builders available in the market; so make sure you pick the one that suits your requirements on point. Why don’t you scroll down and take a minute read to discover why SurveySparrow is the best free online form builder you were on the lookout for:

Dual UI Builder

SurveySparrow’s free online form builder comes with two interfaces: chat-like surveys and conversational forms. The latter, besides, supports a host of complex questions types like matrix type questions, rank order, drop-down, contact forms and more. Ask right and get the right answers. With SurveySparrow, your online surveys can get completion rates upto 40%!

Diverse Question Types

What you ask and the way you ask determines the success of your feedback collection process. Ensure you stay clear of the typical closed-ended rigid questions. With SurveySparrow’s free online form builder, you have a host of diverse question types to choose from starting with the simple star rating to the complex matrix type.

Embedded Forms

SurveySparrow’s free online form builder comes with the embedded surveys feature to help you integrate your web forms anywhere on your website. Whether you want a chatbot for your site, or embed a contact form for collecting leads, SurveySparrow covers it all.

Detailed Reports

SurveySparrow comes with a rich dashboard that has a robust reporting system. In this manner, you can not only collect feedback and data but gain in-depth insights and conclusions as well. Isn’t that something you expect from your free online form builder!

Templates Repository

SurveySparrow’s free online form builder is a storehouse of the most popular templates to suit any business needs. The templates are pre-loaded with questions drafted after thorough research and cover various business domains. Be it customer engagement, employee feedback or market research, we've got it covered for you. Thus, don’t spend any more time hunting for what must go in your feedback forms, our free online form builder got your back over there as well!

Sharing Your Forms

Get the best responses for your feedback forms by ensuring they receive maximum reach and visibility. Surveysparrow's free online form builder ensures this by providing multiple sharing platforms for your feedback forms- be it email surveys, social media, web links or embedding forms. Leave no stone unturned!

So now you know why it’s crucial to have not just a good but a great free online form builder by your side. Take your business to the next level by being customer-centric and feedback focussed by employing intuitive web forms!

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