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Craft striking web forms that take the mundanity off feedback collection with our Form Builder Software

Design and craft web forms that is a visual treat and spikes up response rates.

Craft forms that are a visual treat in absolutely no time

Experience an increased completion rates for your feedback forms by sharing them across multiple platforms.

Circulate forms across multiple sharing platforms for maximum reach

Slice and dice data to uncover pertinent insights from your feedback forms.

Tap valuable information and insights from the survey results

Chart out a plan of action to tackle challenges based on survey results.

Plan out and execute actionable measures based on the insights

Form Builder Software: Overview

The tech-age has shown the door to paper surveys, postal surveys, and other traditional feedback collection methods. With online surveys taking over the feedback domain, a form builder software is a massive boon in countless ways. One can leverage the various facets of a form builder software efficiently for collecting feedback data real-time, capturing lead information in a matter of seconds, and drilling out crucial insights.

Conventionally designers and engineers are required to create and build online web forms. However, should you set aside investment for this purpose?

We say no! A form builder software is all you need to create the media-rich, error-free web forms you had envisioned, share it with your target audience, gather data or capture leads, and finally take necessary actionable measures for your business. Thus one can safely say a form builder software is the all-in-all be it for feedback collection or lead generation!

Do you Need a Form Builder Software

Any business, an aspiring startup or Fortune 500, must be customer-centric and feedback laser-focused to grow and prosper. An efficient feedback collection and evaluation system must be in place for this to happen. Thus one can safely conclude a form builder software definitely finds a spot in the requirement list. Here are few pointers on how the best form builder software can turn things around for your business.

Instant Data Capture

When you employ a form builder software to build and share web forms, the best perk that comes with it is real-time data collection & analysis. When a user fills the web form and hits the ‘submit’ button, the dashboard of your form builder software instantly gets updated.

Creating Forms

A web form is the HTML, online version of paper forms that have been traditionally used for collecting details and feedback from an audience. Web forms come with abundant design flexibility that one can leverage using a form builder software which provides innovative features like including images, GIFs, emojis, videos and such in your web forms. Let your imagination run wild and free.

Smart Forms

Having a feedback form that is visually stunning is not enough. A form builder software advances things up by personalizing your web forms for each user using smart logic branching feature. In this manner, the web form contains only relevant questions that pertain to the target audience. Explore diverse question types from the usual Yes/No, Most/Least Likely questions using a form builder software. An additional treat which a form builder software offers is the option to upload files like resume, images, videos and more!

Analyzing Responses

Having data in hand is of no use until you can extract valuable conclusions from it. A form builder software helps you analyze data to the granular level. Gather new perspectives, identify easily missed blind-spots and take actionable measures to solve challenges.

What to Look for in a Form Builder Software

There is no shortage for form builder software in the market and each comes with their set of features. That being said, below are some indispensable features which any form builder software must possess:

Form Builder Software Feature #1: Create Engaging Forms.
Surveys that are conversational in nature spiking completion rates
Create Engaging Forms

The ultimate purpose of employing a form builder software is to create web forms, but pick out a form builder that lets you create not just good but stunning web forms. Engaging and eye-catchy, it can instantly capture and retain the attention of the audience. This translates into better response rates! Ensure to pick out a builder that lets you design web forms that complement your brand naturally.

Form Builder Software Feature #2: Automate Feedback Collection.
Automatically send out periodic feedback forms
Automate Feedback Collection

If you plan to get periodic feedback from your customers, the hurdle right in front of you would be doing this process repeatedly. That doesn’t sound like something you would look forward to. However, a form builder software that can schedule sending surveys automatically can solve this effortlessly. Just configure the survey settings like the time, date, and day of sending your forms, once; the form builder software takes it from there. Automate and innovate!

Form Builder Software Feature #3: Diverse Question Types.
Diverse Question Types fetches more accurate responses
Diverse Question Types

What you ask in a feedback form is very crucial if you want to beam looking at the results. Don’t bombard your audience with stiff, closed-ended questions. Explore open-ended types like opinion scale, star-rating, MCQs and so on where people get enough scope to give accurate and honest answers. So now you know a form builder software that offers various question types must be your first pick.

Form Builder Software Feature #5: Robust Reporting System.
Advanced reporting system for gaining rich insights
Robust Reporting System

Don’t you wish to know how well your feedback forms fared? A form builder software that has a robust dashboard capable of drawing out crucial data and conclusions is what you were looking for. Get detailed insights and reports that help you identify business opportunities and solve challenges. Track your survey performance, identify channels that bring maximum responses, and analyze at the granular level.

Form Builder Software Feature #4: Share Forms.
Share your forms across multiple platforms
Share Forms

You draft up your web form after much effort. Make this effort bring in big rewards by ensuring your feedback form receives maximum visibility and reach your target audience. A form builder software can help you achieve this by providing platforms for sharing your surveys with your audience via email surveys, web links, social media. More the channels, better is the visibility for your feedback forms.

Step-up Your Feedback Collection with SurveySparrow’s Form Builder Software

Don’t you wish to know how SurveySparrow’s form builder software can be your wingman in creating winning web forms that can take your feedback collection to the next level?

Conversational Forms

SurveySparrow is all about turning surveys into conversations. And thus, our conversational Form was born. The design of the feedback forms is entirely in your hands with our Survey Themes. Opt for designs, images, color combination, form styles and more that matches your brand persona! The form builder software by SurveySparrow offers efficient feedback collection coupled with promotion for your brand!

Do more with Your Forms

With a form builder software like SurveySparrow, the possibilities of what you can do with your surveys are endless. The assorted question types offered by SurveySparrow includes a long list that covers the opinion scale, star rating, image choice type, matrix type, rank order, drag & drop, upload options and much much more! Creating smart web forms that ask only questions relevant to your audience is a cakewalk with Skip and display logic feature.

Personalized Experience

When there is a multitude of brands out there, how can yours stand out? By offering a highly personalized customer experience and care. Leave no stone unturned by even ensuring your customer feedback collection cycle also caters to each user. Sounds like a Herculean task? We would say no; with Question Piping, Custom Param, and Contact features. The form builder software takes care of the complex behind-the-scenes work.

Sharing Forms

The best form builder software offers multiple platforms to ensure the web forms you build reaches the target audience smoothly. Some of the top channels SurveySparrow offers are:

  • Email surveys
  • Web links
  • Social Media
  • SMS share
  • More the merrier!

    Automated Pulse Surveys & Reminders

    Should you waste your valuable time on activities that can be fully automated? Why set aside time religiously for sending the same pulse survey to your audience repeatedly! With the recurring survey feature by SurveySparrow’s form builder software, you can configure and schedule surveys to be sent at the time, date, and day of your choice. Sit back and relax!

    Moreover, if you are worried about users forgetting, you can send gentle reminder emails to the partial and non-responders prompting them to finish it. Thus, spike your completion rates.

    Laser-focused Reporting Module

    Do you wish to know how well your feedback form performed? Which sharing channel has brought maximum responses? SurveySparrow’s online form builder comes with a robust dashboard that gives a 360-degree view about the survey performance and analysis. Drill-down to question level and gain essential perspectives and insights. This would specially come handy when you are conducting market research and academic studies.

    Now you know the whats, whys, and ifs related to web forms and the significance of owning a form builder software, step-up your feedback collection system to a whole another level. SurveySparrow can help you with just that. With round-the-clock support to help you at every step, zoom ahead and make a strong foothold in the market for your brand.

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