Introducing FeedBot

Obtain data-driven insights from website
visitors in real-time

The Intelligent Feedback Assistant For Your Website

FeedBot lets you collect attributes and feedback from website visitors in real-time while they are on your website. FeedBot helps you understand customer needs, and improve their experience. It works when embedded on your webpages and offers a chat-like experience.

Ways You Can Use FeedBot on Websites

Collect feedback from website visitors with SurveySparrow auto-triggered feedbot widget

Auto-triggered Surveys

Trigger Survey when a page load happens or after few seconds. You can also trigger when a user scrolls down.

User-invoked Surveys

Give a subtle approach to your surveys by showing a clickable call-to-action button on the website. The survey starts when the visitor clicks on the button.

Collect feedback from website visitors with clickable SurveySparrow FeedBot Widget
Collect feedback from website visitors with customizable SurveySparrow FeedBot Widget

Inline Embedded Surveys

Place your survey wherever you want on the web page. You can customize the width, height as well as the styling of the window as per your requirement.

Generate leads from website visitors with SurveySparrow FeedBot
Generate More Leads

You can use FeedBot to collect leads from your website. It works just like a chatbot.

With SurveySparrow FeedBot you can collect feedback without forms from your website visitors
No More Feedback Forms

Get rid of forms. Switch to conversational UI, which will help you get 40% higher completion rates.

SurveySparrow FeedBot is super easy to set up
Super Easy to Create

The FeedBot creation is super easy. You can get started in no time.

Brands Who Use FeedBot to Collect
Data-driven Insights

Hear From Our Customers

Atley Joseph, CEO at Xdesigns, USA

Atley Joseph, CEO at Xdesigns, USA

SurveySparrow is an awesome feedback collection software when it comes to completion rate. It helped me get 93% of completion rate for my recent survey, which I got below 25% with another tool.

Ray Mongey, CEO at Octovid & GLUE, Ireland

It’s a great data collection tool from what I’ve seen so far. Great conversational experience, interface, and support. Its super-easiness to use is what really stands out from the rest feedback software.

Ray Mongey, CEO Octovid & GLUE, Ireland

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