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Architect a fabulous work culture & a dexterous workforce using Employee Engagement Tools

Build surveys that are conversational in nature.

Craft beautiful surveys & engage with your employees easily

Share surveys via various channels to collect data effortlessly.

Circulate surveys across different channels and collect data

Slice and dice the collected survey data.

Slice and dice the survey data and gather an in-depth understanding

Devise strategies using employee engagement data.

Plan out a well-thought out course of action to improve work culture

Does Your Organization Need Employee Engagement Tools

Employee engagement is a jargon that’s finding increasing popularity in organizations today. Employee engagement helps it easy to measure the level of ‘engagement’ of your employees and this is a critical health metric for any organization.

Types of Employees based on Engagement Level

The life forces of an organization are its customers and the employees who work to make the organization progress. But not all employees fall into this category. This is why it is crucial to find out the nature of employees in your organization. You can classify employees of any organization into three broad categories:

  • Engaged
  • Not Engaged
  • Actively Disengaged

Engaged employees are the folks who can be described as passionate, go-getters, and in-sync with organizational values. They are more than willing to achieve both personal as well as corporate objectives. They think out of the box, brainstorm new ideas, and transform those ideas into reality. They are focussed and have a far vision about anything they undertake. Not Engaged employees form the majority of most organizations. They have a neutral aspect of everything related to the company. They do what they are told, and don’t bother to think about innovating or creating an impact. In simple words, they glide by each day nonexistent. The next category of employees is the tribe who are bad news. Actively disengaged employees are thoroughly unhappy with their work and workplace and spread negative vibes around. Provocative instead of proactive, they even force people to abandon their jobs in distress.

Employee engagement helps you identify to which category your employees fall into. It measures how passionate, satisfied, and happy are the employees about what they do and where they belong. They are proud advocates of the organization and leave no stones unturned to help the company progress. An employee engagement tool must, therefore, find a spot in your company strategies no matter what!

Searching For The Perfect Employee Engagement Tool? Consider These 6 Things

A higher percentage of disengaged employees translate into a considerable dip in productivity and erosion of employee retention. So it is imperative that you think of these six things when it comes to bagging your employee engagement tool.

The Tool Is The Journey. Employees Are The Destination

An employee engagement tool significantly reduces your efforts of collecting employee engagement data. However, keep in mind that all that data is mere numbers and facts until you take actions based on it. An employee has a rocky relationship with his Manager? Nip it right before it gets out of hand. Employees feel their growth has stagnated, allow them to explore new territories and arrange training sessions.

Blend The Tool With Your Organization

Don’t employee engagement tools that make you go its way. It must be customizable to suit your organization’s needs and requirements. The one-size-fits-all tool is a myth. Choose the best employee engagement tool that offers flexibility to tailor it the way you wish.

Harness The Right Data

The reporting and analysis capability of the employee engagement tool cannot be compromised. Merely collecting data is insufficient, the tool must be able to draw valuable insights from it. This will help you plan the next course of action needed.

The Interface Of The Tool

Does your employee engagement tool make the employees snooze? It's the wrong choice, right away then. Make sure the engagement tool you choose come with a sleek interface to boast about.

Not a One-time Process

If you think employee engagement is a one-time process, stop right there. It needs to be implemented continuously and effectively to reap the promised benefits. So your employee engagement tool must be capable of sending automated employee engagement surveys periodically.

You Know Best

Don’t get lost in the crowd of employee engagement tools. You know your company the best, the requirements best. Pick the tool that suits the needs the closest and is flexible for customization to be a perfect fit.


  • Let your employees know you listen
  • Let your employees know you not only listen but act as well
  • Tailor fit the tool to your needs
  • Sift information from data

How to Utilize Employee Engagement Tools

The world is fast-paced, new businesses sprout up every day, the competition is fiercer than ever. There’s no time to expend unnecessarily. Thus grab an employee engagement tool that does the following chores for you.

Create winning employee engagement surveys that fetches quality data
Conversational surveys that collects pertinent data
Draft Stellar Surveys

The best way to gather how engaged your employees are is by just asking them. So what better way to go about it than online surveys! Choose an employee engagement tool that boasts of a sleek interface and helps you craft stunning employee engagement surveys in no time. Ask the right questions, keep it short & crisp, put forth relevant topics, and get the best results- quality data.

Segment your employees into various groups using employee engagement tools.
Segment your employees into various groups for ease & clarity
Segment Your Employees

In an organization, there exist different departments having many hierarchies. In such a case, managing your employees is very important. Audience management is hence a feature your employee engagement platform must offer. This will help you to segment your employees into various groups and manage them better. Thus you can effortlessly send the right surveys to the correct respondents.

Let your surveys get maximum visibility & reach by sharing surveys.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Survey Share Options

The best ways to calibrate the success of the employee surveys you send is by analyzing the quality of responses and the completion rates. If you want great completion rates, your surveys must be transmitted across channels that are accessible to the majority of your employees. Don’t restrict just to email surveys; deploy multiple platforms like web links, social media, SMS option, etc.,

Gather in-depth insights using employee engagement tools.
Advanced reporting system to gain rich insights
Analyze & Realize

The goal of sending a survey is to gain invaluable insights from it that can be used to improve your organization. If the study is not carried out precisely, the whole process becomes trivial. Thus pick out employee engagement tool that comes with a smart dashboard which can help you get an end-to-end view. Analyze & realize to take the necessary steps needed to engage with your employees better.

SurveySparrow As Your Employee Engagement Tool

Rounding in on the right employee engagement tool can go a long way in helping you set up and implement a fantastic employee engagement program. So here’s how SurveySparrow can help you!

Conversational Surveys

SurveySparrow is the world’s first multi-format platform that offers dual user interfaces: chat-like surveys and conversational forms. With an employee engagement tool like SurveySparrow, you can achieve up to 40% increased survey completion rates.

Insights & Analysis

SurveySparrow’s employee engagement tool has a strong analysis module to gather comprehensive ideas and furnish detailed records. Deploy these results to take impactful steps!

Recurring Surveys

Wish to bag an employee engagement tool that’s adept at sending fully-automated pulse surveys routinely? Then SurveySparrow must be your pick. Just set-up the survey settings once, and the engagement tool takes things from there.

Skip Logic & Display Logic

Create not just stunning but smart surveys with SurveySparrow’s employee engagement tool that asks only the relevant questions to the employees. Skip logic & display logic are necessary features offered by the tool to achieve this. Ask smart to get intelligent responses.

Templates Collection

The best employee engagement tool must come with a vast collection of the most popular templates across multiple spheres of businesses. Some of the templates that the tool can have in its collection are Customer survey, market research survey, employee surveys and so on. Get started on your first survey in a blink!

Employee engagement is always beneficial for an organization to pick and identify what’s amiss in the way they function. Make sure you grab the best employee engagement tool that can bring you not just great but the best results!

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