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Employee Engagement: A Principal HR Touchstone

More than ever, organizations today consider employees as their biggest asset. This is far from the truth if the predominant section of the employees is actively engaged in their work. When companies rely on the commitment, vibe, and contribution of their employees to set up an organization that has a strong market foothold, it is imperative that they keep in mind the vital HR variable- employee engagement.

Is employee engagement & employee satisfaction the same?

Very often, it is assumed incorrectly that employee engagement is synonymous with employee satisfaction. However, is that really the case? Very often, the criteria that make an employee ‘satisfied’ are the same ones which agitate them. For some employees, a fat paycheck means job satisfaction. They do the bare-minimum to breeze through every day at work and wait for the salary day. However, is that enough as far as the growth of the organization is concerned?

The answer is a plain no.

Employee engagement, on the other hand, is all about how passionate and spirited the employees are about their work and the pride they have in being a part of the organization. Employee engagement makes an employee committed and motivated to meet the organizations and personal goals. They are a happy tribe who are willing to go that extra mile to deliver, think out of the box, and actively have in mind the ways to make the organization grow.

What Happens With Active Employee Engagement

Employee engagement brings a whole bunch of advantages to the table that’s beneficial to both the employees and the organization. Have a look at what they are:

Higher Productivity

You love what you do when you do what you love. With employee engagement, you provide the opportunity for employees to flourish in what they do the best. Engaged employees function harder, quicker, and with immense passion. A feeling of responsibility is instilled in them to perform better to reach their goals efficiently when they are zealous about being a part of the organization. According to stats by Gallup, engaged employees are 17% more productive.

Higher Employee Retention

When employees are actively engaged and love their work and workplace, it automatically translates into higher retention rates. When you care for employees and work actively towards engaging them better, it creates a profound impact on the outlook they have towards the organization. Just like loyal customers make brand evangelists, engaged employees make organizational patriots as well.

Lower Employee Turnover

Employees leave an organization due to multiple factors, but it can be all traced back to the same point- poor engagement and dissatisfaction. According to Gallup, compared to engaged employees, actively disengaged employees are almost twice as likely to seek new opportunities. This means one thing- employee disengagement is the surefire way to spike employee turnover rate.

Increased Loyalty

Ask an actively engaged employee how they feel about their work and workplace, and they’ll brag about their organization and the work culture loyally. This is what happens when you take employee engagement to a new level. Happy employees become passionate employees- not just to the work they do, but also to the organization. It is employees like them that are real assets for a company.

Work Culture That Thrives

When you engage employees, you build a great work culture as well. Many factors reflect the culture of the organization, and the one that tops the list is how employees are treated. With employee engagement, a work culture that reflects transparency, team spirit, and passion can be built.

Skilled Workforce

When employees are engaged, they continuously strive to be better at what they do. They feel the responsibility to not only evolve personally but also to go the extra mile for meeting the goal of the organization. The result is your company having a skilled workforce.

How to Set up Employee Engagement Model

Employee Engagement is the organizational barometer that brings in a plethora of benefits for your organization. Thus it is crucial to set-up and implement a useful employee engagement model that’s impeccable.

Measure employee engagement using engagement surveys that fetch pertinent data.
Employ conversational surveys to measure employee engagement
Measure Engagement With Surveys

Pulse surveys are excellent means to gauge employee engagement and to know more about your employees. While you draft employee engagement surveys, keep in mind the following. Draft surveys that are short, precise, and relevant. Let’s not bombard your employees with a lengthy survey full of irrelevant questions. Stick to your goal and include a host of diverse question types to collect quality data.

Get quality employee engagement data by sharing it across different platforms.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Share Surveys Across Channels

Once you craft your employee engagement surveys, employ various channels to share your surveys to improve their visibility. This directly translates into higher completion rates and better responses. Be it email surveys, social media, web links, SMS option, embed option, don’t hold back. The results would be even better if your surveys are multi-device compatible. Employees can take the surveys anywhere they wish, using any device- mobile, tab, or desktop.

Gain rich employee engagement insights using the rich dashboard.
Advanced reporting system to gain rich insights
Gather Results, Gain Insights

Once you collect the data, deploy an employee engagement tool to slice and dice the data for you to get deep insights. You can uncover crucial facts about your organization, and see things from the perspective of your employees. When you put yourself in their shoes, you can understand their needs and their aspirations better. Communicate with your employees, clear any roadblocks, and, resolve any issues they are facing. Lastly, don’t forget to thank the employees for participating and giving their honest feedback.

Constantly engage with your employees using follow-up emails and communicate with them clearly.
Follow-up with employees and communicate with them
Communicate And Follow Up

The success behind employee engagement is consistency. Don’t make it a one-time process. Follow-up with your employees and gauge their satisfaction. Send out automated recurring surveys to periodically keep in touch with your employees. Employee engagement software that offers the feature sending automated pulse surveys will help you tremendously in this aspect. Once you configure the settings of the survey, the tool takes it from there. You can devout your time on more pressing matters.

Proven Techniques That Boost Employee Engagement

Here are five techniques by which you can boost your employee engagement.

Communication is KEY

One of the most significant ways of engaging employees is to communicate with your employees openly. Give them frequent feedback on their work- both positive and negative. Studies show that employees yearn for feedback, even if its bad. Employees appreciate and welcome constructive criticisms since this what helps them grow. One-on-one meetings, periodic checks tremendously aid to make employees feel valued and cared for.

Proper Onboarding

Giving your employees proper onboarding is a quintessential aspect of engaging them. Onboarding is vital to integrate the employee into the organization regarding the culture, skills, knowledge.

Acknowledge & Praise

Nobody will be happy doing a thankless job. Appreciation and praise help to motivate one to perform better and bring results. So the crucial part to engage employees is by appreciating them for their hard work.

Opportunities for Growth

Employees love to be a part of an organization that helps its employees to grow and excel along with the growth of the organization. When you invest in your employees’ growth, they invest back in your company. Chart out detailed training programs to develop the skill set of employees and provide them with knowledge-rich sessions.

Perks And Benefits

Perks and benefits make employees happy. There is no doubt about that. It is the way of telling your employees that you value their time and efforts. Perks are a great way to make work more enjoyable and remove the concept of mundanity related to workspaces. Offer employees vacations, lunches, flexible working hours, to name a few.

How SurveySparrow Can Help With Your Employee Engagement Program

There you go. Now you know why employee engagement needs to be a core strategy for your organization. Bag an employee engagement platform like SurveySparrow that helps you through-and-through to build a flawless employee engagement program.

Dual Conversational Interface

SurveySparrow is the world’s first multi-format survey platform. We have chat-like surveys & conversational forms as well. Wondering what the buzz about chats and conversations is? With a conversational interface, you can get up to 40% increased survey completion rates.

Design Engaging Surveys

Tailor-make the ideal survey for your needs with a diverse range of question-types, logic branching feature, question piping for personalization, and much more! Circulate your online surveys across various channels for massive response rates. Get stunning results for your surveys- be it market research, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, or event feedback!

Insights & Analysis

With our powerful dashboard, gaining rich insights is a simple walk in the park. Gather detailed reports, take actionable measures, and improve your employee engagement!

Recurring Surveys

The recurring feature helps you to send email surveys recurrently. Configure the survey settings just once, and it's done! Why burn time and efforts on something you can let the employee engagement tool!

Employee engagement can’t be ignored. It must find a prime spot in your company’s goals & strategies. Know your employees like never before, keep up with their pulse, and build a great work culture!

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