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Customer Feedback Collection Process

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Make better business decisions using customer feedback insights

What is Customer Feedback Survey

Any product/service is made to fulfill the needs of customers or resolve their problems. Thus every day, you must make notable efforts to provide them with the best experience possible. And how can you achieve this? By collecting customer feedback and knowing your customers inside-out.

New companies are starting up every day, and the competition is fiercer than before. When you know what your customers expect from you, you can deliver services and products that exceed their expectations. This will make your brand stand apart from the rest of the competition. Big brands like Amazon, Apple, Zappos thrive on listening to the voice of their customers and tweaking their products & services to match up!

There are multiple methods of collecting customer feedback; the most popular one being customer feedback surveys! Customer Feedback Surveys contain questions about the experience a customer has had with a brand, be it using the product or the support services received. Customers' opinion & feedback have become integral components for the growth & progress of your business. Thus grabbing a customer feedback software is a wise bet any day!

The Must-have Questions in Your Customer Feedback Survey

Customer satisfaction is quintessential for the success of any business, big or small. The best time to start conversing with your customers is today!

We have curated the top questions that must find a spot in your customer feedback surveys no matter what. You can find out how each question helps your business to know your customers better.

Read on to find out the magic of customer feedback surveys.

NPS Question

The NPS question involves asking the likelihood of a customer recommending the brand to a friend or family. If you were to suggest something to your friend, you wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Thus this question must find an essential spot in your customer feedback surveys.

Takeaway: If your customers give you a miserable score, it means you have to step-up your efforts even more. Find out what prompted them to score such a low number.

Rate the Experience Question

This question is all about finding out the level of satisfaction a customer has regarding the latest interaction with your brand. When the customer feedback surveys are sent without much delay after the communication, the experience is still fresh in their minds, and you can expect honest feedback from them.

Takeaway: Tap out touch-point specific information. Resolve issues at once and assure the unhappy customers that remedial measures are being carried out.

Dislike Question

This question helps you to find out what your customers despise about your product or service. The news of lousy customer experience travels further and faster than the praise for a good experience. So hit this question up in your customer feedback survey.

Takeaway: You can identify and rectify what makes your customers unhappy without them telling the world about it. Remember that all that it takes is to push a brand down is a single tweet or post.

Competitor Question

This question involves asking your customers about the options/alternatives they considered before opting for your brand. You can also include why they made the switch in your customer feedback survey.

Takeaway: You can size-up your competition. Find out more about what customers liked and disliked about them. Learn from their mistakes and avoid repeating the same with your customers.

Tell us More Question

This question is an open-ended approach to know something more from your questions which they wish to convey. Placing this question in your customer feedback survey will put you in their shoes.

Takeaway: The opportunity to extract information from the viewpoint of customers. Your customers are encouraged to share their thoughts and voice their opinions.

If you wish to know more from your audience, you can add a question or two that targets explicitly what you want to know. However, keep in mind to make your online surveys short & crisp.

Proven Tips to Craft Winning Customer Feedback Survey

Confused about how you must go around your customer feedback survey? Sit back and relax, for we have done that job for you! Here are some proven tips to craft customer feedback surveys that hits a home run.

Get quality responses and great completion rates with interactive customer feedback surveys.
Surveys that are conversational in nature spiking completion rates
Create Refreshing Surveys

Would you like to be stopped suddenly and interrogated with a bunch of questions? Of course, not. Same goes for your audience. Instead, strike up conversations with them. This will help you get high-quality responses coupled with a higher number of responses. Remove survey fatigue out of the equation using conversational customer feedback surveys. Ensure to pick a customer feedback survey platform that helps you build such engaging, interactive feedback surveys.

Include a host of diverse question types in your customer feedback survey.
Diverse Question Types fetches more accurate responses
Include Diverse Question Types

Do you want the customers to roll their eyes on seeing your surveys and worse, snooze once they start taking it? Absolutely not! What you ask is equally important as the way you ask. Thus keep in mind to include more of open-ended and diverse question types like opinion scales, MCQ, matrix type, rank order, and the likes. This will aid in collecting more information without making your customer feedback survey.

Pose what's relevant in your customer feedback surveys
Conditional branching to create smart, personalized surveys
Smart Customer Feedback Surveys

The golden rule during survey creation is to make sure what you ask is relevant to your target audience. Not convinced? Imagine asking a vegan for their favorite type of cheese, or a vegetarian their favorite steak. A big No-No! Customer feedback survey platforms come with conditional logic branching feature to hide what’s irrelevant and pose only pertinent questions to your audience. This paves the way for more honest feedback owing to the level of personalization that comes with it.

Make your surveys accessible to all your customers.
Share your surveys across multiple platforms
Make Surveys Accessible

Make your customer feedback surveys available for every single one of your customers. For this to happen, share your surveys across multiple sharing platforms like social media, email surveys, web links, SMS to name a few. This offers tremendous flexibility for your customers to pick the channel most convenient to them. When your customer feedback survey receives great reach & visibility, it directly translates into higher response rates. Making your surveys multi-device compatible is the icing on the cake.

Build Stunning Customer Feedback Survey with SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow’s customer feedback survey platform helps you build conversational customer feedback surveys that fetch you up to 40% survey completion rates. Read on to find out more!

World’s First Multi-UI Platform

SurveySparrow’s customer feedback survey platform is the world’s first Multi-UI tool that has conversational forms and chat-like surveys. Go conversational and get whopping completion rates for your customer feedback surveys.

Recurring Surveys

SurveySparrow’s customer feedback survey platform offers the recurring survey feature to send out pulse surveys automatically. Configure when and how frequently must the surveys be sent. The tool takes care of things from there.

Conditional Logic Branching

With the display logic and skip logic features of SurveySparrow, you can pose questions based on the respondent's previous answers. In this manner, raise only the relevant questions to your audience and hide the remaining.

Diverse Question Types

SurveySparrow’s customer feedback survey platform comes with a bunch of various question types to suit any needs. When you opt for open-ended questions, you can expect better and higher number of responses.

Reporting Module

SurveySparrow’s customer feedback survey platform comes with a robust reporting module that furnishes detailed reports to give you rich insights. Gain new perspectives and take the right course of action to better your brand.

The benefits of gathering customer feedback are endless. Moreover, the best part is with excellent customer feedback surveys; it is possible to collect data swiftly. Grab the best customer feedback tool and get started with your customer feedback survey platform, right away!

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