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10 Amazing Qualtrics competitors every manager should be knowing about in 2019!

Clare Zacharias

Clare Zacharias

7 min read

And so, it happened!

Qualtrics International got acquired by SAP a couple of weeks ago. The merger made headlines and even caused a drop in SAP share prices (when the deal was announced). Speculations are on the rise if the SAP Qualtrics marriage was made in heaven or not. Or if this Experience Management is all that it is claimed to be.

However, we are here to discuss what the merger means to Qualtrics customers. While at it, let’s also suggest some really great alternatives to Qualtrics if you were worried about how this will affect you.

And it has been known that some M&As end up hurting the customers as well. In fact, many investment bankers believe the rate of failure in the M&A businesses as 50%, which is not very comforting odds, when you come to think of it.

It is not uncommon for an acquisition to cause real issues for the existing customers, especially since they are most sensitive to the uncertainties caused by a merger. Hence, if you have been wondering if you are better off with a Qualtrics competitor, here’re some possible reasons to make that plunge.

Why should you look for Qualtrics competitors?

  • Broken service

Integration involves a lot of logistics that take up the time, attention, and energy of managers and employees alike. During this telling phase, you – the customer – is no longer the center of everything they do. And it can be frustrating.

There is a high chance that the quality of their day-to-day services suffers, thanks to all these distractions.

  • Lack of continuity

It is not unheard of to alter the existing terms and conditions of sale or support/maintenance once an M&A process has taken place. Furthermore, all the disrupting confusion can cause talented executives to leave for greener pastures.

Lack of continuity could mean that your favorite Account Manager found another calling and his replacement is taking forever to learn the ropes. Certainly inconvenient, right?

  • Possible price hike

Qualtrics has always been on the pricier end of things and this merger is expected to skyrocket the prices very soon. This new world order could make things too expensive for you.

Did you take a good long look at what’s been happening? Have you made up your mind yet? Are you sticking? Or switching?

If you decide to make that switch, any good Qualtrics competitor can assure you a competitive edge. This shouldn’t be an impulsive buy so we’ve made the job easier for you by compiling the best of the Qualtrics competitors, complete with the pros and cons of each.

You wouldn’t want to get out of the frying pan and into the raging fire now, uh? Here are some features that you should be looking for in a Qualtrics competitor:

  • Cost-effective

Yess! You’ll find Qualtrics competitors like SurveySparrow come at a fraction of cost Qualtrics takes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much more cost-effective Qualtrics competitors are than what you are accustomed to.

  • Smooth support and UX

Qualtrics is notorious for its steep learning curve and how difficult it is to get a hang of. The tool is often described as cumbersome, and confusing. Most Qualtrics competitors score in this area where it sorely lacks.

  • Better choice of features and experience

At no costs should you compromise on the user experience. If you go ahead with the switch, be sure to opt for a superior experience. Why settle for the same when you can access better ones?

10 Best Qualtrics Competitors in 2019

Go ahead, have a look at the best Qualtrics competitors in the market and pick one. Here goes!

  1. SurveySparrow
  2. Medallia
  3. QuestionPro
  4. ZohoSurvey
  5. SurveyMonkey
  6. Typeform
  7. REDCap
  8. Confirmit
  9. SurveyGizmo
  10. GetFeedback

Qualtrics competitor #1. SurveySparrow

Yup, a Qualtrics competitor that you must watch out for. Easy to set up, easy to create, and easy results and analytics- it’s a sleek online survey tool, through and through. Their interface is magical and the pricing is unbelievably appealing.

Sleek, easy-to-setup, and affordable but very young. SurveySparrow makes a good Qualtrics competitor.

The best part: If you are a Qualtrics competitor wanting to make a switch, SurveySparrow offers a flat 25% discount just to welcome you. Did you know that the Enterprise plans for SurveySparrow start at just $199 as opposed to the $5000 that Qualtrics costs you? And that is with an additional array of features and a super easy interface.

Points docked for: Young company. And constantly developing to accommodate newer features. But on the bright side, SurveySparrow is much liked for how quick their support is and how soon they roll out the exact features that you want them to.

Qualtrics competitor #2: Medallia

A highly competent Qualtrics competitor, Medallia is a force on its own in the customer experience segment.

Highly competent, but pricey alternative.

The best part: Their NPS surveys are one of the best out there. When it comes to customer experience journeys, they know what they are doing.

Points docked for: Pricey! Only gigantic corporates with a small fortune set aside for surveys need come this way. Also, it is recommended only for customer experience journeys and not academic research, unlike Qualtrics.

Qualtrics competitor #3: QuestionPro

A powerful survey tool with an impressive collection of question types, QuestionPro is a decent alternative to Qualtrics.

powerful and intuitive, but a dull user experience.

The best part: Researchers love how intuitive the tool is, despite the many complex features it offers. And awesome support too.

Points docked for: The user experience is quite dull and dated, especially when you take into account all those handsome alternatives available at a far lesser price.

Qualtrics competitor #4: ZohoSurvey

User-friendly survey tool and a non-existent learning curve with no fuss. Makes for an impressive experience.

User-friendly and customizable, but not as sophisticated as Qualtrics.

The best part: Cost-effective plans and very customizable. Users tend to have mostly good things to say about this tool.

Points docked for: Some basic features, like logic branching, is clumsy at best. And compared to a sophisticated Qualtrics, may not make a good match, after all.

Qualtrics competitor #5: SurveyMonkey

The ubiquitous survey tool, SurveyMonkey is as feature-rich as they come. Simple and attractive, it’s a tool anyone can use. And yeah, a very desirable Qualtrics competitor.

Feature-rich and user-friendly, but such heavy branding that you cannot get rid of. SurveyMonkey is a competent qualtrics competitor

The best part: Freemium plan and how easy it is to set up this tool. You can wield it for virtually any purpose.

Points docked for: Minimal customizable options. No matter what you do with it, it will always remain a very ‘SurveyMonkey survey’. And you may get tired of searching for better features from the clutter and seek out a SurveyMonkey alternative instead.

Qualtrics competitor #6: Typeform

Typeform is a neat and pretty Qualtrics competitor. In stark contrast to the Qualtrics way of collecting feedback, Typeform is fun and light-hearted.

Very pretty and fun, but not enough features.

The best part: It makes good looking surveys. No one can deny that.

Points docked for: How limited some of the feature sets are. For all the effort that goes into maintaining the looks department, Typeform might disappoint you with its limited question choice and narrow support.

Qualtrics competitor #7: REDCap

One of the very few open source survey tools available, REDcap is specifically designed to handle research data. A true Qualtrics competitor, indeed!

A true research tool, but lacking in customer support.

The best part: How easy it is to pull and analyze data with this tool. No way dedicated researchers can’t appreciate how it works.

Points docked for: Not very easy to get a hang of things, because of a rather steep learning curve. To make it worse, the customer support is not always on your beck and call, what with it being an open source too.

Qualtrics competitor #8: Confirmit

Stable and robust survey platform that has been around for some time, Confirmit is considered an adequate Qualtrics competitor by many.

Stable and robust tool, but a dated interface badly in need of a makeover. A true qualtrics competitor indeed.

The best part: Their support team is on top of things, which comes in handy when you need help.

Points docked for: Dated interface and a browser compatibility that leaves so much to desire. Not impressive when compared to the scores of other alternatives with much sleeker and compact UX.

Qualtrics competitor #9: SurveyGizmo

Easy to set up but the better features are available to only the ones who pay an arm and a leg (or close) for it.

Good functionality but needlessly expensive.

The best part: Good functionality and the first of its kind to offer many popular features.

Points docked for: Expensive and poor customer support. If you want all of the bells and whistles, SurveyGizmo is certainly not it.

Qualtrics competitor #10: GetFeedback

A straightforward survey tool that does what it claims- get feedback- in the easiest way possible.

Attractive interface but an inconsistent platform.

The best part: An attractive interface that is very easy to set up and great Salesforce integration.

Points docked for: A glitchy platform. And inconsistent performance.  Not what you’d call a sophisticated Qualtrics competitor.

Now that you have a concrete idea of all the good Qualtrics competitors out there, you know if to stay or switch. If you are uncertain about the direction of the merger, now may be the best time to choose a steadier tool with a better interface and an experience that you’ll love.

Go ahead, make up your mind.

There is no time like now!

Clare Zacharias
Clare Zacharias

Content Marketer at SurveySparrow.

A sort of Jill-of-all-trades! Enchanted with storytelling, fascinated with startup life.

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