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Earn 25% recurring commission on each sale you bring.
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Plan & make good money in months

25% recurring commission, forever

Secure a recurring revenue, lifelong. Earn a flat 25% commission on every sale that happens through your affiliate channel.

Lengthed cookie life: 90 days

Rest assured, not one of your sale will go uncredited. We know conversions don’t happen overnight. Thus, we have a lengthened cookie life for, not 60, but 90 days!

$500 Bonus for high-performers

Receive a whopping $500 bonus for your outstanding affiliate-performance. Generate over revenue of over $5000 a month and the prize is all yours!

How much can you earn?

Average Monthly Revenue/ Customer:

Your Commission:

Number of Referred Customers/ Month:

Affiliate Period (Months):

You Earn:

The complete Saas Affiliate Program
you’ll need

Slack channel, Google Hangout communications

We’ve set-up multiple channels to streamline our communications. You can reach out to us via Google Hangouts, dedicated Slack channel, email, or phone. Let’s get in touch, brainstorm, and strategize the best way to earn together. For any questions, just ping us!

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

We have a dedicated Affiliate Manager who’ll provide training and continuous support for you. And, the conversions through affiliates will have a dedicated Accounts Manager for onboarding.

Email templates, infographics, banner ads

We have a talented marketing team who’s specialized in providing you with all necessary assets to kick-start your SaaS affiliate program. Download, and get started at once!

Explainer videos, Sparrowcast, webinars

It’s not just content and pictures, we have a rich repository of video resources for you to share. These custom creatives can seamlessly blend with your blog posts or you can simply share it.

Track earnings & activities

All our affiliate activities are tracked through PartnerStack. All your activities and earnings are tracked and maintained over there. Also, keep an eye on challenges on PartnerStack so that you can earn more.

Analyze subscription data

View your earnings and detailed subscription data for each customer. Know when they upgrade to a higher plan and find that recurring commission coming your way.

The Product You Will Want To

SurveySparrow makes taking surveys simple, creative and exciting! Help your referrals join the 50,000+ happy customers of SurveySparrow.

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Join SurveySparrow’s affiliate program and get your unique affiliate link.

Join us and obtain a unique affiliate link

Spread the word about SurveySparrow.

Refer SurveySparrow to others in your network

Get customers to sign-up the unique affiliate link.

They signup for a paid plan using the unique link

For each sign-up, receive recurring 25% commission with SurveySparrow’s Affiliate Program

Voila! You receive a recurring 25% commission

Keep doing what you do the best

Get back to basics

Add details about SurveySparrow, along with your affiliate link, to any survey-related page or blog.

Write, and keep writing

Write away blog posts about SurveySparrow’s online survey software and publish it across your social media handles and affiliate network.

Hit the record button

Record a review of SurveySparrow and post it on your YouTube channel & blog. Create & share video testimonials along with the affiliate link.

Spread the word

Share with your email lists and social media contacts. Every contact is an asset. Spread the good word far and wide. Each sale brings home money!

And, repeat

Keep the process on-going. We’ll keep in touch and update you with the latest releases and features. Strengthen your affiliate network.

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