Meet the Best Feedback Chatbot for Website

Collect feedback smartly from your website visitors with the engaging Chatbot for website, Feedbot.

How Does Chatbots for Website Work?

With SurveySparrow’s chatbot for website, the reins are entirely in your hands! Decide when and how your chatbot must unfold to your website visitors; after a specific time or scrolling a portion of the website.

Trigger surveys automatically when user visits your website.

Auto-triggered Surveys

The simple and straightforward auto-triggered chatbot for website gently pops-up when a visitor drops by and the webpage is loaded. In this manner, your visitor will never miss it. You can configure when the chatbot must pop-up; after a set time or after the user scrolls a specific section of the webpage.

User-invoked Surveys

If auto-triggering isn’t your choice, you can pick the user-invoked type of chatbot for website. Give your visitor the time to click and initiate the chat. This subtle approach enables the chatbot to display when the user wishes to.

Let your users take the survey according to their convenience using user-invoked surveys.
Embed your feedback survey anywhere on the website.

Inline Embedded Surveys

Do you wish to collect live feedback from each of your website visitors? Then Inline Embedded chatbot for website would be your best choice. Position the chatbot anywhere on the webpage, and it waits for the user to scroll down and start the feedback chat. Oh, and you can fix the height, width & styling. Neat.

Choosing a Chatbot App for Your Website

Why Chatbots for Website are Pivotal

Enhance Lead Generation

Any visitor to your website is a potential lead. Thus having a dedicated chatbot for website helps you snowball the lead generation rates. Don’t miss out on a single lead!

Live Website Feedback

With a live chatbot for website at duty, crucial feedback is always available at your fingertips.
Find out what’s amiss and improve it & what’s excellent and enhance it.

In-App Product Feedback

Set your chatbot for website within your product so that your users can provide you with live feedback quick & crisp. Work on the improvements to deliver a great product.

Not a tech wizard? You can still create your chatbot, and that too under 10 minutes

Design and craft visually stunning surveys with chatbot.
Get Smart

Built with smart logic branching, chatbots for website cleverly collects all the data you need

24*7 support for addressing any queries and solving any issue.
Round the Clock

Be available anywhere, anytime for your users be it for support or collecting feedback

Feedback collection has never been more engaging and personalized.

Feedback collection is no more boring with interactive chatbots for website like Feedbot.

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